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Trying New Techniques On Tamiya Leopard A3/A4

November 5, 2021 · in Armor · · 6 · 1.4K
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I decided to try out a few new (to me at least) techniques. I'm trying to get a metallic sheen to weathered parts of the tank and equipment. I've not done this using a pencil before and I think it's far more controllable than just straight forward dry brushing a metallic colour. I've also added a to the turret. I chose this kit because: 1) I made this one years ago 2) it's one of my oldest Leopards 3) I want to refine the technique before I use it on my latest kits.

Please feel free to critique and give me hints/techniques etc on how I can improve it further. Thanks

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  1. Looks like this technique works very well, Ian! The touched parts look great

  2. I agree, Ian (@ianfoulk96), it looks like the technique works great. I have read about using pencils to simulate wear, but I have never tried it. Looks awesome.

    • Thanks George, I think the trick here is "less is more" and try to be restrained with it. I tried the same technique on another Leopard and it didn't turn out so well (I think) because I over used the pencil!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  3. Your technique yielded in a great looking build, Ian @ianfoulk96

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