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Bismarck in 1:350

I finished Revells Bismarck in february 2011. The kit is a major improvement over Tamiyas old kit, but it does not compare in quality with modern ones from Hasegawa, Dragon or Bronco. In one respect however it is better than most plastic ship ki[...]

Some coloring advise for the real thing!

Hello all, I need some advise from all you color-experts at Imodeler. I have a lot of modelships and model flying things but I also have a real boat. It's called 'Lotus' after the Lotus flower and the reason I chose that name isn't really clear[...]

Admiral Hipper

Trumpeters Admiral Hipper, that I built in the spring of 2012, is typical of their ship kits. It's basically a good kit but nothing extraordinary. The build began, as usual, with the tedious and time consuming job of filling and sanding the wat[...]

Classic Lindberg Coastal Patrol Boat with Conversion to Viet Nam Era PGM

The Lindberg Coastal Patrol Boat, which I had posted much earlier, was a good beginning for this conversion. Reference material was somewhat limited. The Squadron publication, "Riverine" by Jim Mesko, gave me a decent start. The back cover s[...]

I-58. The tale of the persistent rigger.

Once upon a time, at the Imperial Japanese Shipyard in Kure, there was a young ambitious and promising rigger. One day the Port Admiral approached him, and asked, if he was willing tog try the challenging task of building the cage antenna for th[...]

Marine Models “Cutty Sark”

Hi all, I know that I haven't been on here a long time. So I just got back from Thanksgiving holiday with this beauty (and a couple extra pounds:) that my uncle had had in his attic for a long time and had never decided to build it. The kit is[...]

Revell 1/350 Amerigo Vespucci

Hello, I found this model in a garage sale and immediately went back to my memories as a child in the '80: Sail Amsterdam, Sail Rotterdam, Sail Antwerp... The Amerigo always was a sight to be seen. I also visited the ship a couple of times duri[...]


Rick Wilkes asked for some battleships, so here is one. I built Trumpeters USS North Carolina in 2008 and she was my first big battleship in 1:350. The build started with my strengthening the hull, using plastic from the base plate intended for[...]

Takao in 1:350

Ever since I saw this picture in that thick book about warships that I borrowed from the Stockholm public library over and over as a kid, I've wanted to build the Taka[...]

Yahagi. Building Hasegawa’s kit in 1:350

The Yahagi was one of four Agano-class cruisers. They were designed to be torpedo squadron leaders which explains their strong torpedo armament and their relatively weak artillery. The Yahagi was launched on the 25 October 1942 and had a very ac[...]