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Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero (Tamiya 1/72)

Hi all Just finished this little gem from Tamiya. It was the time build the Tamiya Zero and I was really impressed. The overall fitting and crispy details makes hard to believe it's a 1/72nd scale kit. Kit built OOTB including the [...]

Hawk Bf-109 Repop

Those of you of a certain age (like me) no doubt made several of these old Hawk Models Bf-109s. I could always talk Mom into buying a few of the old 1/72 kits on a trip to Gemco for a few cents. This nostalgia build (again?!) is a [...]

HobbyBoss 1/35 Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.D Tauchpanzer

My next build was my first HobbyBoss (Tristar rebox) kit. A Panzer IV Ausf.D Tauchpanzer, literally “diving tank”. A number of Panzer IIIs & Panzer IVs were converted into submersible tanks for the planned invasion of England [...]


Aoshima 1/12 BIKE series No.86, BLACK LOW RIDER V-TWIN CUSTOM has been assembled. This kit was originally released by another manufacturer and reprinted about 10 years ago, but I recently obtained it and tried to assemble [...]

Dassault Falcon 50; A-Model 1/72; Portuguese Air Force

The Falcon 50, designed and produced by the French factory MARCEL DASSAULT, is a tri-engine that, due to its characteristics and qualities, offers flexibility of use, safety in all its circumstances and excellent cruising performances. The [...]

Review: Zoukei Mura 1/48 F-4EJ Phantom Review

Converting a Bf 109 to a Ha-1109

The starting point is the SBS-model resin conversion kit mentioned elsewhere on iModeler. It is designed to use Tamiyas new Bf109G-6. Instead of filling in a lot of words here, might I interest you with a link to the full build over in [...]

B 24 J LIBERATOR .31° st. sq. SAAF

B 24 J Liberator 1/72 scale The model is an Airfix ,assembled from the box,only signs and serial numbers are self - produced. The model represent a SAAF aircraft used to launch supplies to the partisan formation operating in the [...]

Trumpeter 1/35 Morser Karl Gerat 040/41

Eva was the second self-propelled 60 cm siege mortar produced and saw action in the Eastern Front. Trumpeter's Karl is a highly detailed model that builds into a menacing looking mortar once completed. The parts number is high but, the [...]

Film Star !, part 2. 'Battle of Britain' movie Spitfire Mk IX (dressed up as a Mk 1)

This is the next completion in my "Battle of Britain" movie builds, the ICM 1/48 Spitfire IXc, modified into Spitfire Mk IXc, MK297 that was the aircraft marked as AI*A, flown by Squadron leader 'Skipper' {Robert Shaw} in the [...]