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One Four One, and All Thanks to Hobby Boss

How long is it appropriate to "finish" a gift after you receive it? 2014 to 2022? (Sorry pops) At least I managed to actually get it done. This is the Hobby Boss 1/48 Blohm und Voss BV-141 "tactical reconnaissance" [...]

Fonderie Miniature 1/48 Blohm & Voss BV.212P

Flughafen am Dammschen See, located on the Eastern bank of the Oder River in the Pomeranian city of Szczecin, was seemingly a quiet airstrip in 1942. During the last 6 months not a lot of flight activity was evident...apart from some [...]

1/72 Arma Hobbies FM-2 Wildcat

I bought one of these kits at a local hobby store because I was curious about the Arma Hobby's line of 1/72 kits. I heard a lot of the hype and was curious if they actually lived up to the hype. Also, I wanted a decent FM-2 that wouldn't [...]

Review: Pro Modeller 1/48 SB2C-4 Helldiver review

I haven't posted on here in a while but just...

I haven't posted on here in a while but just started my new project. SURPRISE it's not a 1/700 ship. I started on my new 1/35 Ryefield M1 Abrams. I got bored doing ships so I changed pace. I must say that this kit is worth the price. The [...]

Target for TonightWarsaw! (B-24 Liberator) · on youtube This is history about veteran of 31 squadron. Gentlemen! Target for tonight is Warsaw. Said the impeccably dressed Wing Commander revealing a large map hanging on the wall. A black line zigzagged [...]

Capt. Albert Ball VC DSO MM

1:32 Resin Dolman Miniatures Oils

PB4Y-2 Privateer "Redwing" (Matchbox, 1980)

I have been meaning to post photos of this model for a long time, and finally got the motivation given the fact it won a first prize in the recent Australian Model Expo. The category was "1/72 - out of the box - non-Commonwealth" [...]

Monogram/Encore 1:48 A-37B

I've had the good old Monogram kit in the stash for several years along with a copy of the Encore boxing, which is essentially the Monogram plastic with a bunch of resin and PE aftermarket stuff. One of my club members brought a 1:72 model [...]

Fokker Dr.1 Joseph Jacobs

1:32 wnw Aviattic decals all over Prop: Properplane Engine WNW from Camel kit, Clerget 130 hp