Z-M 32nd A-1J Skyraider

by Craig Abrahamson on December 2, 2017 · in Aviation — 34 Comments

Had this one for a little while and got a little burnt out on Phantoms, so I decided to go ahead and add it to the Z-M Navy version I’d done way back when (I think it was my first […]

Vietnam Scooter A-4E Skyhawk by Eduard, 1:48

by Martin Dytrych on December 2, 2017 · in Aviation — 26 Comments

This is finally done A-4E Skyhawk, which I won on iModeler as last January award. It is almost pure box kit with just few additions – the biggest ones come from BigSin armament set for A-4 by Eduard. The build […]


by Ulf Lundberg on December 2, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 32 Comments

Hi all modeling friends! Are you ready to pick up the gauntlet and accept THE FRYING PAN CHALLENGE? Here is how it’s done: 1. Pick a kit that has been lying in your stash for at least a year. 2. […]

1/48 Hasegawa Junkers Ju87G-2 STUKA

by Robert Collins on December 2, 2017 · in Aviation — 7 Comments

Most of you guys will be familiar with this blurb, but for the ones who aren`t this is the model of a german stuka dive bomber which has been modified to carry two 37mm cannons instead of bombs. The german […]

HPH 1/48 Convair B-36 Peacemaker – preview

by Editor on December 2, 2017 · in News — 14 Comments

Further to the earlier post by by Josh Patterson, here are some photos of the HPH Models 1/48 scale B-36 kit as demonstrated in Telford in November. Hopefully this gives a good idea about the size of this mammoth kit, […]

Morko Morane

by Marek Halas on December 1, 2017 · in Aviation — 18 Comments

MPM’s 1/48 Finnish Morko Morane of HLeLv 21 based in Rissala, Summer 1946. A real oddball this one, & some folks may already be doing a double take at this point, possibly thinking isn’t that a Morane Saulnier MS 406? […]

HPH B-36 Peacemaker In Table Crushing 1/48 Scale!

by Josh Patterson on December 1, 2017 · in Uncategorized — 16 Comments

HPH has gone all out now. The kit I have been dreaming about since childhood that everyone said no one would ever make just got released today. HPH was at Telford, but I don’t know if they brought a prototype […]

Tamiya P-51K/Mustang IV

by Tom Cleaver on December 1, 2017 · in Aviation — 12 Comments

Tamiya P-51D turned into a P-51K using the Aeroproducts prop blades for the Eduard P-39Q (4-blad) prop and Red Roo decals with Falcon “Dallas” canopy. 3 Squadron RAAF in Italy, Spring 1945. Most RAF Mustang IVs came from the P-51K […]

Airfix Defiant in 1/72

by Ian Dewar on December 1, 2017 · in Aviation — 7 Comments

Hearing of the new Airfix 1/48th Defiant NF.1., I was minded I had the recent tool 1/72 one in my stash. In fact I’ve been planning off and on to build this as part of my Battle of Britain series […]

FFG Imperial Assault AT-ST

by Aaron Newlands on December 1, 2017 · in Sci-fi — 4 Comments

As this piece is from a miniature game the build is quite rudimentary. A handful of parts snap together tightly and don’t require glue. Overall its not too bad especially if space is a big limitation for you. It has […]