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Monogram F8F Bearcat

this was an out of box build Glenveiw air guard fun quick build great airplane

iModeler July Awards

It’s high time to announce our iModeler awards for July. These were selected by the editorial jury among the exactly one hundred new articles added during the month, which prompted a total of 835 readers’ comments. As usual, we’re awarding […]

1/72 Airfix Grumman Duck

This one is modeled after Kermit Week’s Duck, at “Fantasy of Flight”, a little south of Orlando, Florida. Oddly enough, the decals were from an old Esci sheet, including the noseart. For a bi-plane (and an Airfix), it was a […]

1/48th Oscar

This was my first attempt at the all-to-common “paint chipping” effect as seen on many Japanese aircraft of WWII. I didn’t want to go ‘overboard’ (as I’ve seen on many builds). I first sprayed the airframe with metallic silver and […]

Some other Eduard Hellcats

All OOB: The F6F-3 is from the first Profipack release, in the markings of Lt. Jim Shirley of VF-27, the “Hell Cats” and the most successful CVL VF squadron of the war, with 200 victories between the Marianas Turkey Shoot […]

RAF “V’ Bombers. Valiant, Vickers, and Vulcan

I was commissioned to build the three “V” bombers by a gentleman that grew up in Lincolnshire, England. He remembered the “V” bombers when he was younger. He asked that I do all three models in the same scale and […]

1/72 Italeri Eurofighter EF-2000

Italeri is probably known for it’s crisp molding, and ease of construction, and this kit was no exception. It was a fairly quick build, and gave me another opportunity to play with a “Tiger Meet” scheme.

1/48th Eduard “Weekend Edition” F6F-3 Hellcat

The “Weekend Edition” of the Eduard 1/48th F6F-3 Hellcat was just that – a weekend. Well….maybe a ‘long’ weekend (let’s face it; when you’re retired, every day qualifies as part of a weekend). The markings were from the spares box […]

Eduard 1/48 Polikarpov I-16 type 17

Hello everyone! Yet another donkey- this time ski option. Aftermaket already standard on this model – CMK resin, etched forehead cowl of Gonza, canopy Squadron. Painted acrylic Gunze, lacquer Microscale, white paint – Tamiya enamel. Scrapes and scratches simulated sandpaper. […]

1/48 Monogram Supermarine Spitfire Mark II

So this is my spitfire, and my most current plane (Obviously). I created a build log on here so I’ll just copy and paste the link to that here. (It has more pictures in it as well. thanks! I included […]