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Academy 1/72 B-17F

A couple of years ago I’m visiting my brother and sister-in-law and noticed she had displayed a photo of her deceased father and the crew of his B-17F Double Exposure. Bernard Brailer is in the second row, fourth man going […]

Revellogram 1\48 Hawker Typhoon

Built for Normandy invasion nice old school kit

Dragon 1\48 Ho-229 Horten flying wing

The Ho-229 is a nice kit built OOB a few months back nice interesting plane something different for a change adds to the Luftwaffe experimental collection

Tamiya 1/48th F4U Corsair

Built this a little while back – it was actually the first Corsair I did with the wings folded. Typical Tamiya quality…excellent detail(s) and no real fit issues. I look forward to building the three ‘birdcage’ F4U-1’s I have in […]

1/48th Macchi Veltro C.205,Hasegawa MTO, WWII

Something a little different tonite. We have Hasegawa’s excellent Veltro in 48th scale. When I first started to plan on this particular project, my biggest dilemma was what scheme to replicate. Thinking this may be the only Veltro I may […]

The postman’s just been!

Hurray, at last, my new kits have arrived! There’s no choice in the livery for the Ferrari, but I haven’t decided about the Meteor yet, either the camoflage or the plain (easy to identify) white finish What do you guys […]

P-38J Flown by Philip Goldstein/Graham 49th FS, 14th FG, Triolo, Italy 1944

Through another friend I found out that Philip Graham lives in San Francisco so I gave him a call. We agreed to meet for lunch and chat about his service. Prior to the lunch I made this model of his […]

F4J flown by then CO of VF-143 “Pukin Dogs” on board Constellation.

I built this model and presented it to retired Captain Marland Townsand. He flew it when he was CO of VF-143. He went on to be the CO of Kitty Hawk prior to his retirement. He is one of the […]

1/48,Monogram F-5E Bahrain Air Force, Gulf War

Though not much has been mentioned in what capacity that the Bahrain Amiri Air Force contributed during the Gulf War. Flying F-5E’s and F-16’s. Starting with defensive operations on the 25th of January and then launching offensive operations the following […]

Accurate Miniatures 1/48 Flight 19 “Avenger”…lost in the triangle

Lt. Charles Taylor…flight leader my dad was a navy Lt. stationed at NAS Pennsacola 1945…and was involved in the search