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1/32 Dragon Bf-110C-7

This was a review in 2009 when the Dragon Bf-110C-7 was first released. Overall, this kit is an ill-fitting pain in the posterior which, if you persist with it, will turn into a very good-looking model in the end. The trick with this kit is t[...]

1/48 Academy F-16

This Academy kit has been around 15-20 years. It's still available, and is one of the less expensive F-16 kits. I had a set of Florida ANG for an F-16, which was why I got the kit. I ended up with a simple kit, simple decals, and a simple pa[...]

1/48 Monogram P-40

Back to basics. Straight out-of-box. I think this one has been around as long as the "Flying Tigers" themselves ! When I finally got around to building it, I discovered it wasn't a bad kit at all, for it's day. They're still re-issuing [...]

Monogram Superkits

In the mid to late Fifties, Monogram came out with a series of balsa wood and plastic airplanes called "Superkits". There were six total, P-51, F-84, P-40, Mig15, F-86, and the F4U. They were all in 1/72 scale. It was sort of the predecessor of[...]

When the US Air Force had a Navy!

This is my rendition of the old (and I do mean OLD) Lindberg Models 1950's era USAF air/sea rescue boat. I built a similar model as a youngster and couldn't figure why it didn't include torpedo tubes like my Revell PT boat. It was a mystery to m[...]

1/144 Minicraft conversion B-50

This is a B-50 created from a Minicraft B-29a and a Minicraft C-97. Both are in 1/144 scale. I started by cutting the Vertical tail off both kits. I then cut out the gunners cabin from the B-29 and placed it in the C-97's vertical fin. Next was[...]

Malta Aircraft museum

Here are a few shots from the aircraft museum on Malta, as you can see the Smithsonian it aint but it is all operated and owned by volunteers and is a credit to them. There is an IPMS group on Malta and there is also a display of there work and [...]

Just a little something different….

Normally I do not do any type of figure kits, and quite frankly I don't really like to do them. However these I did for a very good friend of mine. Not only did we work together for many years, we have been very good friends.I did these in excha[...]

1/48 Aichi D3A Val by Hasegawa(?)

The Val was Japan's naval dive bomber, comparable to the American Dauntless or Germany's Stuka. Vals were significant contributors to the expansion of the Greater Co-prosperity Sphere in 1941-42. As the front line bomber on Japanese carriers, [...]

1/35 Stuart by Academy: a Honey of a Tank

The Stuart was an American light tank designed to emulate the cavalry of old -- racing out to spy out the enemy lines, wreak havoc, and dash back home. It was thus named Stuart after the dashing Confederate General who served as Robert E Lee's [...]