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1/72 Matchbox Dornier 28D Skyservant

Another unusual looking aircraft. I got to see one at an airshow quite awhile ago. It was civilian, white, and "for sale". I was impressed with the white paint job, and had to duplicate it. Since then I've seen this aircraft in many unusual [...]

Creative Displays Montage

My first post of this nature was so well received, that I thought I'd share some final shots with you all. Again, these were taken at local, regional and even national shows. Matter of fact, if I recall, that Bronco won best of show at the Nats [...]

1/72 Heller Mirage

This was another club project, to be done anyway we wanted. I went to and went through Mirages for something that would be fun, Here you go.......

Display methods…(added pics)

I have been contemplating new ways to display some of my builds in an innovative and creative manner. These photos are from various venues, including the Nats and local shows. I was struck by their "free-thinking" approach to their entries and [...]

1/72 Hasegawa Curtiss SOC-3 Seagull

This was a simple, little kit, that comes complete with a stand. It's a colorful addition, and looks nice next to the Airfix Duck, The SOC-3 served aboard battleships and cruisers, and was catapult launched. The wings folded back for storage.

Area 51–Secret files revealed from the 1950’s!

After you view these photos erase them from your computer...and, if questioned, swear you've never seen them before....I'll see if I can locate the flying disc pictures, if so I'll post them..but you didn't hear this from me.

Hobby Craft 1/48th Avia S-199

The Avia S-199 was the offspring of the famous Bf 109 and played a pivotal role in the Jewish War of Independence that resulted in the new state of Israel in the late 1940’s. This model represents an Avia S-199 from the No. 101 Sqdrn. that foug[...]

Airfix HMS Prince

This was my wife, Carol's, first model. I asked if she'd be interested in building anything, and she asked if they made sailing ships. She thought they looked neat. I was at a contest with my buddies, when I came across this model of the HMS [...]

And after a period of no production for moving… DD441 continues

So back in full swing on my Wilkes project and thought I would post an update, starting to add PE and all the little parts, I am especially happy with how my dual 40mm tubs turned out, scratchbuilt them from Dragon quad 40s and Gold Medal PE.

Tamiya 1/32 F4U in-work

I received my new Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair a few weeks ago and I've been making steady progress on it. The thing that strikes me the most with this kit is just how well engineered this kit is. The first picture shows all the major assemblie[...]