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1/72 Airfix P-38 Lightning

I decided to raid the stash one day, and came up with this old Airfix kit. While it shows it's age, it's still a fun build, and looks ok when finished. I opted for a small "base" rather than mess with weight in that tiny nose. I had two Airf[...]

Roden 1/48 DH.9 VVS RKKA

With the proletarian greetings, comrades!))) Another airplane with red stars - DH.9 Aviation First Cavalry Budennogo. The assembly of the box, the impressions of the model most good. Difficulties not arisen even in the assembly biplane box. Ever[...]

1/48 Monogram T-6 (SNJ)

I think this 1/48 effort by Monogram was one of their best. It's always been a fun build, no matter how many I've done. I believe I picked this up as a $1.00 bag kit, and thought I'd play with it. While the paint scheme is purely fictional,[...]

Another Field Trip….(Pt. II)

While in Kissimmee some time back, I noticed a restoration facility adjacent to the hangars where the WarbirdAdventures T-6's are kept. Further down the tarmac is an outfit called Stallion51. I also took note that there were some additional pic[...]

Classic Airframes Hawker Sea Hawk 1/48

Well by hook or by crook here is my rendition of the Hawker Seahawk,I was unable to do anything about the paint showing through on the Ace of diamonds squadron insignia and so just had to leave it alone figuring that it would look infinitely wor[...]

RIP Paul Poberezny

I met Paul a few times in the 70s at Reno. I was real surprised in 1978 that in the middle of all that stuff at AirVenture he would see me and remember me from two separate conversations a year apart, but he did. The one and only time I ever g[...]

Dirty Dora by Accurate Miniatures in 1/48th Scale

This is the Accurate Miniatures B-25 “Dirty Dora” kit. After seeing one built at a show I knew that I had to have that kit and that I would build it if I ever got it. Fast forward a couple of years, and doing a little trading on another site,[...]

1/72 Academy PBY 5A “Black Cat”

Who doesn't like seaplanes and amphibs? Academy makes a nice looking series of PBY's. I had seen the weathered "Black Cat" version, and just had to give it a try. This is one I really feel looks better in person, than the photos. (Too much [...]

Hawker Typhoon Airfix 1/72.

Having just got back into this hobby and seeing the posts, I thought I would add my little Tiffie. I know that it is not that brilliant and that the standards here are very good but to read and learn from the comments will help me no end. Mad[...]

The rest of the Tamiya Corsair photos

Due to space limitations and ease of download, Scott doesn't always publish all photos I provide for a review. Since people have been interested in this kit, I am putting up all the photos I sent him here for your viewing. I think these will a[...]